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Learn Flamenco Dance in Adelaide

Flamenco Dance classes, held in the inner Adelaide suburb of Norwood, by Flamenco Dance Areti. Classes cover all the major Flamenco Palos (forms) including: Bulería, Tangos, Soleá, Soleá por Bulería, Alegría, Seguiríya, Sevillanas, Jaleo, Tientos and Tarantos. All choreographies are up to date with the latest pure flamenco trends in Spain. Classes are conducted with live flamenco guitar accompaniment and focus on technique, flamenco rhythms, and execution.

Learning with Belén Fernandez

Classes are suitable for people wanting to learn flamenco dance for fun and fitness. Students are encouraged to aspire to a performance level. Students also learn about the meaning, culture and history of flamenco.

Learning with Silvia de la Rosa

Workshops are also held each year with the masters of the art form. These have included internationally renowned soloist Belén Fernandez, who has toured Australia on numerous occasions with Paco Peña. Silvia de la Rosa from the Ballet Nacional de España has also conducted master classes at Flamenco Dance Areti.

Learning with Belén Fernandez Learning with Silvia de la Rosa (Ballet Nacional de España) Learning with Silvia de la Rosa (Ballet Nacional de España)
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