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Arte FyL
El Flamenco Vive
Es Flamenco
Flamenco Export

Lucía Leiva maestra flamenco singer from Spain.
Olayo Jiménez maestro flamenco singer from Spain.
Diana Reyes flamenco school in Sydney.
Simone Pope flamenco school in Brisbane.
Marina Tamayo's flamenco school "Flamenco Australia" on the NSW North Coast. She also has a flamenco retreat in Galicia, Spain. If you can read Spanish, here's an article from La Voz De Galicia.
Flamenco in Seville Taller Flamenco is a school in the centre of Seville, Spain.
La Rondeña flamenco school in Germany.
Affedis Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions have one of the most comprehensive catalogue of flamenco guitar transcriptions available anywhere in the world.
Pasion Flamenco school in Switzerland.
Sal's Flamenco Soapbox Sal's take on flamenco.

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