Flamenco Dance Areti
Areti and Olayo Jiménez - Soleá por Bulería

Areti and Olayo Jiménez - Seguiriya

Areti and Olayo Jiménez - Alegría

Flamenco Guitar @ Adelaide Festival Centre: Kieren, Werner, Alain - Riomar (Paco Peña)

Flamenco Guitar @ Adelaide Festival Centre: Kieren, Werner, Alain - Sevillana

Flamenco Guitar @ Adelaide Festival Centre: Kieren, Werner, Alain - Tangos

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From Nouméa (New Caledonia), Flamenco Fire TV Commercial 2009

Flamenco Fire TV Commercial 2008

Flamenco Fire TV Commercial 2006

Flamenco Fire 2008 Playing Australia Programme

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Areti Areti

Adelaide's Flamenco Dance Areti

Learn Flamenco Dance in Adelaide at, Flamenco Dance Areti, Adelaide's premier Flamenco Dance School and highest awarded Performance Company with wide acclaim. The school offers Flamenco Dance Classes ranging from beginners through to advanced levels. Each dance class emphasises correct technique, learning flamenco rhythms, and executing flamenco dance forms according to the current pure flamenco trends in Spain.

Areti Boyaci

Areti Boyaci is the Director of Flamenco Dance Areti and is a long established and highly regarded flamenco dancer and teacher, with over 20 years experience, based in Adelaide. Since 2009 Areti has been teaching the Spanish Dance Programme for the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne on the invitation of its previous director Marilyn Rowe and current director Lisa Pavane. Areti was recently interviewed by former Australian Ballet dancer Annie Carroll on the Spanish Dance aspect of The Australian Ballet's 2013 production of Don Quixote.

Areti has toured Australia, as principal spanish and flamenco dancer, with the National Flamenco Company, Flamenco Fire. Areti Boyaci has produced flamenco productions with Australia's most renowned flamenco performers as well as with guest artists from Spain, to national acclaim. In 2011 Areti Boyaci was awarded funding from The Ministery of Culture, The Government of Spain.

Areti frequently travels to Spain for professional development at the prestigious dance academy Amor de Dios in Madrid. She works intensively on techinque, style and choreography. Over the years her dance maestros have included: Belén Fernandez, La China, Carmela Greco, Rafaela Carasco, Maria Magdalena, Ciro, and La Truco. Areti has also studied in Sevilla with Manolo Marin, Javier Cruz, and El Mistela.

Supported by the Gobierno de España via the ANU

Australian National University

Areti's contribution to flamenco dance in South Australia was acknowledged by the Adelaide Festival Centre with the House Lights by Electric Canvas illumination of the Festival Centre Building during June 2013:

Adelaide Festival Centre 40 Years Light Show
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