"It was only right that there should be dance, and Adelaide's own Flamenco Areti was out in force."
Peter Bourdon - The Advertiser - Adelaide Guitar Festival 2016, Paco de Lucía: The Journey

"...fiery flamenco dancing and singing by local troupe Flamenco Areti..."
Mike Harrison - Global Media Post - Adelaide Guitar Festival 2016, Paco de Lucía: The Journey

"Chicas Flamencas! explodes onto the stage from the first minute and doesn't let up until the end."
David O'Brien - The Barefoot Review - Adelaide Fringe 2016, Chicas Flamencas

"...let it be said that the entire flamenco lexicon from head to toe and jaleos aplenty from performers and audience alike showed how deeply appreciated the performance was."
Peter Bourdon - The Advertiser - Adelaide Fringe 2015, Chicas Flamencas, 4.5 Stars

"It was a privilege to experience a performance so professional, perfect and passionate!"
Kris Neilson - Rip It Up - Adelaide Fringe 2015, Chicas Flamencas, 5 Stars

"Followed closely by Marilyn Rowe dancing a gorgeous flamenco solo choreographed for her by Areti Boyaci at the Australian Ballet School gala."
Peter Bourdon - Dance Australia - Critics Survey - Most significant dance event (2014)

"I also thank our wonderful Australian choreographers, Leigh Rowles, Simon Dow, Paul Knobloch (all graduates of the School) and Flamenco artist, teach and choreographer, Areti Boyaci."
Marilyn Rowe OBE

"Retiring director Marilyn Rowe also had a moment in the spotlight, performing a gorgeous flamenco solo choreographed for her by Areti Boyaci. Flanked by students, musicians and guest artists Joanne Michel, Lynette Wills and Simon Dow, the dance was a fitting finale to a career which began when Rowe was one of the first students accepted at the Australian Ballet School 50 years ago."
Chloe Smethurst - Sydney Morning Herald - 50th Anniversary Gala review: An apt tribute to its founder

"Rowe herself surprised the crowd as the opening dancer for Areti Boyaci's Soleá Por Bulería. Looking fit and eternally youthful in a stunning red flamenco dress, Rowe proved she still has "it." Teachers Simon Dow, Joanne Michel and Lynette Wills also joined a selection of students for the lively sequence, which featured vocals by Lucía Leiva, and Werner Neumann on flamenco guitar."
Simon Parris - The Australian Ballet School: 50th Anniversary Gala review

"Rowe, the first prima ballerina produced by the school, reappeared later in the flamenco number, Soléa por Bulería, dancing a powerful solo to the raw emotion of Lucía Leiva's singing in what was one of the highlights of the evening...Soléa por Bulería by Areti Boyaci brought a welcome touch of intensity with the raw passion of flamenco singing, and the red costumes and backdrop. After Marilyn Rowe's opening solo the students danced up a storm in an engrossing performance."
Irina Kuzminsky - Dance Informa - THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET SCHOOL 1964-2014, ANNIVERSARY GALA

"The marvelous Marilyn Rowe herself appeared on stage, not as a classical ballerina, but as a sinuous sensual Flamenco dancer in Soléa por Bulería choreographed by Adelaide's Areti Boyaci who has been the school's Spanish Dance teacher for 6 years now. This was a spectacular piece...Rowe has lost none of her theatrical charisma...The major part of this excitingly choreographed piece was given to 12 animated precise and musically atuned students, 6 boys in black suits and white shirts and 6 girls in white dresses and red trim."
Alan Brissenden - Radio Adelaide - Australian Ballet School Turns 50

"Adelaide's first lady of flamenco, Areti Boyaci and her colourful and creative company Flamenco Areti."
BroadWay World - Adelaide International Guitar Festival Hits the Right Note with Audiences

"At the Festival Centre the audience witnessed flamenco at its best and were treated to a passionate performance by outstanding local Adelaide based dance company Flamenco Areti."
"Particular highlights were the solo dances by Areti Boyaci, the director of Flamenco Areti and Tomás Arroquero. The shawl dance by Areti Boyaci, performing first with a white shawl then a red shawl set against a red Spanish dress was particularly engrossing. The spectacular use of these shawls blended beautifully in her precise and powerful movements to create a captivating performance."
Global Media Post - José Antonio Rodríguez Trio plus Flamenco Areti

"The five dancers were a visual feast with their brilliant costumes, elegant lines and relentless rhythm."
Jim Mack - In Daily - José Antonio Rodríguez Trio & Flamenco Areti

"The dancers complemented things perfectly, artfully and gracefully flashing colour across the stage and punctuating it with plenty of foot stomps. With a single male dancer and six females, there was balance and beauty a plenty, all delivered with a perfect soundtrack."
Luke Balzan - The Barefoot Review - José Antonio Rodríguez Trio & Flamenco Areti

"The packed house eagerly greets local ensemble Flamenco Areti."
David Robinson - The Clothesline - José Antonio Rodríguez Trio & Flamenco Areti

"Flamenco Areti with guest artists Arroquero and Antonio Soria (cante) delighted the crowd."
Peter Burdon - The Advertiser - Adelaide International Guitar Festival: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Trio and Flamenco Areti

2013 Adelaide Critics Circle Award Nominees - Group Award - Flamenco Areti for "Adelaide Festival Centre, Summer Sessions

"The highlights of the exhibition were Margaret Wilson's Continuum and Areti Boyaci's Alegrias."
Grace Edwards - Dance Informa - The Australian Ballet School 2013 Graduate Exhibition

"The star attraction was the solo dancing of Areti. A quite stunning spectacle of authentic flamenco music and dance."
John McBeath - The Advertiser - Sueño Flamenco

"MACHINE-GUN heeltapping, thunderous stamping and snappy handclaps fired up this evening of Spanish delights."
Alan Brissenden - The Australian - Spanish Strut & Stomp Mixed With Utter Joy

"This show is electrifying, it'll take your breath away and send you on an exotic vacation to the heart of Spain, where the intoxicating rhythm of the feet, hands and gentle serenade of a trio of Spanish guitarists will take you on journey."
Julia George - Kryztoff Magazine - ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL: Flamenco Puro - Nexus - 5K

"Areti is an exceptional dancer... Areti is clearly capable of creating a very disciplined team of individuals.... What a great pity the season for this spectacular ensemble had to be so brief."
Russell Starke

"... passionate, rapid, rhythmic everything it should be... the precision of the duet between Tomás and Areti was spellbinding!"
Ewart Shaw - State of Play

"The atmosphere was heightend at once by Areti."
Adelaide Review

"Sinuous, Areti created eloquent dialogue between feet and hands."
Alan Brissenden - Adelaide Review

"Professional dancers really revved up the pace with some serious high energy flamenco that barely gave the audience chance to draw breath - even if they were lucky to do so - never for too long as the dancers grabbed the audience by the heart strings again and again. Don't miss their next show."
David O'Brien - AusDance

"... the audience warmed to the power and passion of this company... an outstanding example of this exacting art form."
Kathy Keech

"Areti has been treating Adelaide audiences to first rate flamenco song and dance for many years, and Encuentro Flamenco at The Lion Arts Theatre was no exception. To a packed and enthusiastic house, Olé! Olé! came the cries, the beautiful Areti was joined by guest dancers Elena Maya and Tomás Arroqeuro who brought to us the fierce joy and pride of their tradition. Behind every piece was the skilled guitar playing of Werner, staying right with the dancers through every rhythm change and sudden stop as he elaborated on the patterns of their beats."
Celia Brissenden - AusDance

"... sexy and colourful flamenco music and dancing..."
The Advertiser